Going to Kong Lor Cave?

Going to Kong Lor Cave?

You are in Vientiane and you are heading down south to visit the 7.5 kilometres long Konglor cave that is one of the longest and grandest caves within the whole of Laos? Green Discovery has some great tours that start in Vientiane and ends in Kong Lor Cave!

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The Complete Kong Lor Adventure

  • 3 Days
  • 3 - moderate to difficult

GDL-Khammouane-kong-lor-6The 7.5 kilometers long Konglor Cave is one of the longest caves in the country! E3xplore the cave via kayak and enjoy trekking and cycling amongst the spectacular scenery.

Starts in Vientiane/Thakhek & ends in Thakhek/Vientiane (With private transport)

(3 days caving, cycling, trekking & kayaking)