Evergreen highland forests, fog filled valleys, crystal-clear jungle waterfalls, time-defying mountain villages, and challenging river adventures.

Explore the beauty of the Nam Ha National Protected Area, an ASEAN Heritage Site, on our kayaking, mountain bike or trekking tours. Take a trip on the Nam Tha River, one if the last wild rivers in Southeast Asia. Spend a day with local woodsmen, join villagers luring birds by imitating their songs, experience the taste of unknown food collected from the forest, and enjoy the tranquility of the jungle far from any ‘civilization’.

Not without reason is Luang Namtha called the “cradle of ecotourism’ in Laos and has more ‘green tourism projects’ than anywhere else in the country. Green Discovery is a partner of the renowned UNESCO Nam Ha Ecotourism Project since it was launched in 2001 and the award-winning ‘The Boat Landing Guest House’ since 2005.

We strive to make tourism a positive experience for all. As a team we are working hard to make our programs in Luang Namtha a model for community-based ecotourism. Close collaboration with local villagers as full partners at all levels not only retains their ownership in tourism destinations but also brings them substantial financial benefits in return for conserving nature. Money from tourists supports capacity building and helps to strengthen the management of the Nam Ha National Protected Area.