Khammouane Kayaking

Khammouane Kayaking

Khammouane province is a paradise for kayaking and rafting as a massive network of clean and unspoilt rivers and streams awaits you! Have an amazing time kayaking amongst the beautiful scenery of towering limestone peaks! Enjoy the crystal clear water and remote villages which are only accessible by the river.

Nb of days Difficulty
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Xe Bang Fai Secret Cave Explorer

  • 2 Days
  • 3 - moderate to difficult

GDL-Khammouane-nature-4The Xebangfai River, whose source is in the Annamite range between Laos and Vietnam" loses" itself for 9.5 km through a gaint tunnel beneath limestone karst mountains of Hin Nam No to find itself emerging again in a clear pool near Ban Nong Ping Village.
The cave chamber, measuring an average of 76 m width and 56 height, creat one of the largest active river cave passages in the world. Although there were two 20th centuary explorarions by the French ( 1905 & 1995), this cave remarkably remained virtually unknown except to locals until a National Geographic survey brought it to the world attention through an expedition in 2008. The cave is navigable by Kayaking with adventure to against darkness inside. The grandeur of the limestone chamber, the spectacular natual decorations, flowstones and cave cystals provide an eerie beauty rarely experienced.

                                                                (2 days long tail boat, kayaking, trekking. dry season)

Limestone Canyon Kayak

  • 1 Day
  • 2 - easy to moderate

GDL-Khammouane-nature-boat-26Enjoy an amazing experience kayaking down the Xe Bang fai river! Enjoy the crystal clear water as you head downstream between limestone mountains and remote villages which are only accessible by the river. Meet local fishermen and see children swimming in the river.

Approximately: 2.5 hours transfer and 5 hours kayaking

Kong Lor Insight Challenge

  • 2 Days
  • 4 - Difficult to Challenging

GDL-Khammouane-kayak-24This one day experience provides an amazing discovery on the edge of Phou Hinboun, encountering some of the most beautiful limestone landscapes and through one of the longest cave of the country-the cave of Konglor.

(2 Days Kayaking. Only dry season)

The Xebang Fai Safari

  • 3 Days
  • 3 - moderate to difficult

GDL-Khammouane-nature-4This trip takes us through the Hin Namno National Protected Area. Spend a day exploring a cave and another day hiking to a deafening waterfall. You will get to see the forest, the wildlife and the people who live in the forest!

(3 days long tail boat, kayaking, trekking. dry season)

The Complete Kong Lor Adventure

  • 3 Days
  • 3 - moderate to difficult

GDL-Khammouane-kong-lor-6The 7.5 kilometers long Konglor Cave is one of the longest caves in the country! E3xplore the cave via kayak and enjoy trekking and cycling amongst the spectacular scenery.

Starts in Vientiane/Thakhek & ends in Thakhek/Vientiane (With private transport)

(3 days caving, cycling, trekking & kayaking)